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Can Computers Play With Lego?  Brickalo hopes to find out by building Rainbow Lego Towers. Using a combination of programming, art, design and a bit of spare time Brickalo creates unique high quality images of Rainbow Lego Towers.  Click Go Brickalo to find out more...

Back in 1958 Lego estimated the number of possible combinations for 6 basic lego bricks to be around 100 million - some time later a mathmatics professor estimated the total number of permutations for 6 bricks to be closer to 1 billion! So imagine how many combinations there are with 100 Lego bricks! Here at Brickalo we think that the number of ways of putting together 100 bricks is almost infinate - and that makes a tower of coloured Lego bricks a lot like you and me - each of our rainbow towers is unique! To celebrate this uniqueness we're giving you an opportunity to create your own individual Rainbow Lego Tower - Simply click the "Go Brickalo" button below and Brickalo will breathe life into your own special Rainbow Lego Tower that's as individual as you are! We'll create a picture of your tower so you can share your Rainbow Lego Tower with your friends and even give you the 3D model data as an LDR file.

How do we create our Rainbow Lego Towers?


Building Your Tower

Brickalo uses a combination of programming and some digital Lego tools to build your tower using a varierty of bricks.  Our towers use 10 different types of bricks


Colour Me Brick

Brickalo then adds rainbow colours to your brick pile - if you've forgotten your rainbows its: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.


Create A Beautiful Image

Brickalo uses high end tools from the TV and Film industry to render your Rainbow Lego Tower to create some of the best digital representations of Lego available on The Internet.

View the latest selection of Rainbow Lego Towers

You can find some of Brickalo's latest Rainbow Lego Towers below.  You can download a picture and the 3D model file of your Rainbow Lego Tower as an LDRAW .ldr file.  You can find out more about the LDRAW open standard for digital Lego bricks here.

Can't find your Rainbow Lego Tower?


Fill in your details and click the GO BRICKALO button below to ask Brickalo to make a Rainbow Lego Tower for you.


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